College Students!

This app is for you! Success is now in the palm of your hand.

A unique college student-specific mobile app. It is an extension to our book series 27 Pearls of College Wisdom that will help you to organize your college life and become a happy and successful person.
The app supports the content of the books and makes it easier to apply your reading to real life. Most books lack accountability, and most apps lack information. Our books and app work hand in hand to help you be successful!

Get an assistant that supports you and makes hard things easier.
The app:
– provides accountability with goals and activities
– helps you to organize your goals and activities, each with its own calendar
– flexibility in goal setting with daily, weekly, and monthly goals
– rewards you for achieving those goals
– helps you to track your progress with graphs
– shows stats of how you actually perform
– does not let you miss anything by sending notifications
– fully customizable
It’s nice to get things done and even better to be rewarded for that.

The app is made for students and perfectly covers all aspects of your college life.
The goals are broken down into categories to follow the categories found in our books:
– Enrollment and schedule
– Classes
– Professors
– Studying
– Living and Fun
– Resume Builders
– Leaving College

Read the book, download the app, become a guru of your college life!

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