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The pinnacle of decades of research and academia, our team is dedicated to delivering quality, concise materials that go above and beyond in order to help all students become successful at college.  Through years of truly hands-on experience in every area of higher education and the hiring process after college, it became clear to our founder and author, Kris Valenza, Ph.D., that not all vital college success information is commonly thought about or explained. After reviewing her own successful education history and mindset as well as combining research with what she has learned throughout teaching and mentoring thousands of real students, the collections of information you find here are her proven life’s passion and work.  With a mission to uncover the key topics students need to excel not just in classes but in life, we create content that is most of all effective and second of all, fits into busy schedules and university curriculum. Understanding where most students fall short, here is where the real learning starts and student excellence takes place.  

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