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This series includes all 10 books! It represents a collection of the best techniques and strategies from around the world in all the primary topics that affect college students’ academic experience. Backed by scientific research and extensive professional experience, this is a powerhouse of information—a must have for busy college students who want to succeed!
Addressing one of the biggest issues students face these days, this book acknowledges the increasing level of expectations placed on college students. With the need to master time management challenges, readers learn effective strategies for managing time and how to put them into practice. Entirely effective methods, time will no longer be an issue.
Giving all, being thoughtful, and producing careful work cannot be done under pressure of time and stress. In this book readers are introduced to scientific methods for organizing themselves in order to perform their best. Nearly 95% of students suffer from procrastination. This can be overcome with hard work and the key insights found within these pages.
Critical to success in college, ‘Glide Through Test Preparation with Ease’ is written with the goal to help students do well during the entire exam process. Stop feeling overwhelmed prepping for a test, find your test-taking confidence right here.
Picking up where our other book ‘Glide Through Test Preparation with Ease’ leaves off, this book focuses on the techniques needed to prepare for and take most tests. Given the sheer amount of test-taking information available, this book is an introduction to methods that are later expanded on in other books in this series. Get ready to confidently know where to start studying.
An in-depth look at typical college exams. Gain exclusive insight into what professors or test writers are thinking when they create the exams. Relieve test anxiety today, invest in this book, and never look back.
A highly informative book, this book unveils the mystery and uncertainty that hovers over exams when many correct answers are possible or there is no set correct answer. Mastering prepping for, and taking, this type of exam is only a book away.
The first book of a two-volume set, ‘Sail Through Studying 1’ dives headfirst into a topic that is the most critical part of academic success. Written with the aim to help anyone become highly skilled in studying, the methods within these pages have actually proven cut student study time by 65-75%.
The second book of a two-volume set, this book expands on the topics found in our first book. Anyone who puts the effort into mastering the topics in the first volume and then applying the topics in this book will quickly become a studying pro. Find real success with these study tips and usable insights.
A comprehensive guide to higher retention rates through excellent record-keeping in various settings, this book goes far beyond simply taking lecture notes. Backed with scientific data, specific strategies are revealed. Aimed at dramatically reducing study time, utilizing the knowledge here will make life as a student much more manageable.
A ‘muscle’ that needs to be constantly worked on, ‘How to Perfect Your Memory’ addresses the fact that teachers and parents often overlook this vital tool to student success. Within this book, readers explore proven methods and the very best techniques from around the world to improve memory.


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