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Looking to become a successful college student with minimized stress and an improved GPA no matter the location? Look no further! 

27 Pearls of College Wisdom: Online Colleges is an insightful book series specially designed to help online students graduate with excellence through little known proven secrets to reduce higher education anxiety and plan for the future. 

Attending college classes online brings a whole new level of worry and difficulty to success. On top of the traditional college path issues — working a job while going to school, budgeting, balancing social activities, after college prep, etc. — online class students also have to learn how to do things like getting to know their professors without face-to-face interaction, being accountable for their time, and figuring out how to stay attentive digitally.  

A recipe that many students express is incredibly intimidating and hard to navigate, going at it alone, blindly, or with little guidance can actually cause more stress. And, this extra stress can lead to lower GPAs, interference in student ability to complete work, dropping out, or even illness. All things that can be avoidable with the proper knowledge and preparation. You have come to the right place. 

The author has spent decades teaching, mentoring, and preparing students of all kinds for the exact issues that lead to college burnout. Finally, listening to student encouragement — “I wish I had known this before!” and “Someone should write this into a book.”– she compiles her expert knowledge along with in-depth scientific research into this yearly updated digital subscription series. Your VIP access to the often-overlooked tools and untold truths you need to succeed in college is right here.  

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27 Pearls of College Wisdom Online, Vol. 1-4
27 Pearls of College Wisdom Online, Vol. 1
27 Pearls of College Wisdom Online, Vol. 2
27 Pearls of College Wisdom Online, Vol. 3
27 Pearls of College Wisdom Online, Vol. 4
27 Pearls of College Wisdom Online, Vol. 4

Series Description
Presenting 27 Pearls of College Wisdom: Online Colleges – a series of insightful digital books developed to tackle the common and not so common pitfalls and stressors of an online college education. This in-depth, expert look into navigating the world of being a digital student is broken down into four comprehensive volumes that focus on ease of use and impact, not on information overload. Designed to help you improve your GPA and plan for the future, the wisdom found within these pages will become an invaluable tool now and throughout life. 

*The effectiveness of this digital series is furthered when used in conjunction with our mobile app. 

Questions and Topics covered include:
Getting to know professors and utilizing them
Staying on track of time and workload
Study plans and study areas
Internships, shadowing, and volunteering
Etc. along with all the knowledge for traditional students 

Mobile App A unique college student-specific mobile app. When used in conjunction with the digital series or as a tool to further learning after reading our books, this application facilitates users in reaching academic goals. Click here for more information.

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