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Ready to finally feel positive about college and achieve success as a student? 27 Pearls of College Wisdom is your answer.

A highly coveted book series, this is your key to unlocking proven tools to reduce traditional student academic-related stress, improve your GPA, and confidently plan for your future.

College students have a lot on their plates — Juggling jobs with homework. Balancing study time with active lives. Commuting to class. Understanding various professors’ demands. Blindly being thrown into a world that families and college admissions officers could never fully prepare someone for — the list of stressors could go on and on. And, honestly, for anyone, it is a lot!

However, as college is one of the biggest investments you will make in your life, going at it alone and allowing the stress to pile up could be detrimental. As a matter of fact, feeling overwhelmed and stressed can lead to the inability to complete work or even worse, illness. It can negatively affect your GPA in ways that you may not even think. But, luckily for you, you are here.

Heeding the words of her students, “I wish I had known this before!” and “Someone should write this into a book.”, the author publishes her years of expert knowledge, first-hand mentorship experience, and valuable insights for success during such a demanding time of life – college. Backing up her findings with scientific research, inside this yearly updated digital subscription series you will gain the tools needed to confidently prepare yourself for success.

Be proud of your college accomplishments — Browse the Series

27 Pearls of College Wisdom, Vol. 1-4
27 Pearls of College Wisdom, Vol. 1
27 Pearls of College Wisdom, Vol. 2
27 Pearls of College Wisdom, Vol. 3
27 Pearls of College Wisdom, Vol. 4
27 Pearls of College Wisdom, Vol. 4

Series Description

Introducing 27 Pearls of College Wisdom – a series of digital wisdom books designed to help students attending class on campus learn what works and what does not work for success in college. Compiled into four concise, busy schedules accommodating, easy to digest volumes – these books hold the secrets and information all students desperately need to improve GPA through reduced stress and planning.

Managing college like a pro is not as hard as you may think. Arming yourself with these tools will become a life-long knowledge base that you will be grateful to have for many years in the future. 

*The effectiveness of this series is furthered when used in conjunction with our mobile app.

Questions and Topics covered include:

Before enrollment tips
Attending classes
Utilizing professors and what they genuinely think
The major pitfalls of students
How to improve your chances of completing college
Leaving college
Preparing for graduate school
Resume building

Mobile App A unique college student-specific mobile app. When used in conjunction with the digital series or as a tool to further learning after reading our books, this application facilitates users in reaching academic goals. Click here for more information.

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